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FENIX specializes in supporting people to release on a quantum level, stored memories of traumas, limiting and disruptive beliefs, repetitive negative thoughts and behavior patterns, relationship problems, poverty consciousness, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt and shame, amongst many more. We also specialize in the activation of dormant parts of the DNA. These activations allow the consciousness of the person to expand, thus creating a reality that they truly desire. We have the pleasure and are proud to be the pioneers, and the only ones in Portugal and Brazil to use these techniques at the quantum level, along with psychology and energy techniques to help people become reborn in their own lives and achieve their greatest potential.


Bernardo Oliveira is a young master at work but at the cutting edge of creating mind, body & spiritual altering concepts. Always being fascinated by the search of what life is, brought him to the infinite realization of what his reality is made of. Trained and experienced in aura, karma and seals clearings, as well as in performing DNA activations for individuals and groups. Being a lover of technology also lead him to the creation of one of his newest projects, “Dimensional Studio”, where he merges the best of what he loves the most, Consciousness and Technology. After having started to work together with Go Osh Eieyani over 2 years ago, “Divine Tools” was created, bringing conscious altering tools for the betterment of the world, in love.

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