Connect with your Higher Self and get simple Yes and No answers

The Higher Self is the identity that resides in dimensions 4-15. This is a part of your identity that knows exactly which are the highest priorities for your evolution and holds the absolute unconditional love for you.

1. Get into a relaxed, receptive state by taking some deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, getting more and more relaxed and settled with each exhale, relaxing your jaw, neck, shoulders, and torso.

2. Have your left hand with the palm facing down and the fingers pointing away from you, very relaxed and not touching anything.

3. Begin to focus your attention on your left hand and the energy there. It is like you are projecting your consciousness into your left hand.

4. Say out loud “Connecting to my Higher Self” and feel what happens in the fingertips of your left hand (you will feel a strong tingling which lets you know you are connected to the 4th through 15th dimensional aspects of yourself, your Higher Self).

5. Then you can ask a question that you know the answer is YES. Monitor your left hand. You will feel like a valve opening in your palm and energy moving towards your fingers and AWAY from you with a yes answer.

6. Then you can ask a question that you know the answer is NO. Monitor your left hand. You will feel energy moving TOWARDS your palm and wrists, first jamming on your fingers and pushing towards your palm and wrist with a NO answer.

You can ask whatever you want while you are being respectful and according to the highest good for all involved. You can also check if you are ready to receive a Quantum Clearing or a Quantum DNA Activation.

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