Return To Your Divine Presence

This guided meditation is an invitation for you to strip back from the “busyness” of the mind and reconnect with your inner divine essence. You will be guided through a journey of coming into stillness and to ground within your divine presence. It is a practice and invitation for you to bring into your daily life in order to stay in the frequency of divinity. Included in the music, are encoded codes from Primal Rays of Creation, assisting you to return to your divine presence. Source: Divine Tools

Golden Liquid Light

Daily meditation to download golden liquid light into your body. The liquid light is the highest for you to embody at this present moment.

The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques and orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise, nature sounds and brainwaves. Activation higher self download is included. The meditation will aid in embracing your multi dimensional self and be inline with your divine mission. Each day you ask, to integrate all that you are here in this body, will infuse you with new cords, new soul templates and new programming from your higher self. Source: Chintamania

New Earth

A meditation to ground yourself with the new energy grids within the earth and stabilize your hologram into the new earth called Gaia.

The music is encoded with high frequencies, subtle energy, sacred coding and energy imprinted white noise. This meditation is to aid you and Gaia in the shift to a New Earth. A lot of us feel some fatigue through the years, a lot of very energetic moments but also some low moments of feeling tired. All because of the incoming energies from the photon band entering our earth and awareness. All for change… A lot of chaos right now, it is important to have clear fields and ongoing source downloads, so we can contribute to the new earth Gaia. Do this meditation when you feel that you can be more grounded into the new energies available, and at the same time support Gaia and the for the ones who live on it. Source: Chintamania

Tree of Life – Kryst Code Activation

The Kathara grid which is also called the Kryst Code, is the inner tree of life, which is the form holding template and regulates your DNA coding, and this DNA holds what realities you can experience. This grid is connected with the planetary and universal Kathara Grids, so we are truly connected with each and everything. Now this activation means we are setting the distorted inner tree (the false cabala, tree of life, flower of life, metatronic deception) back to the original form holding template, the Kryst Code. This activation supports that you can link back from the host matrix to the original soul Matrix. Instructions: Take a still moment, make a little ceremony out of it to strengthen your intention. Do some breathing exercises. Connect with your intent to your Higher Self, state your intent to connect again with your original Soul Matrix. Listen to the music and let your imagination guide all music, and the sacred coding encoded into the music, in to all your body, cells and DNA. You can do this activation as much as you wish and feel. You can read more clicking here. Source: Chintamania

Finding Your Star Name

Beautiful meditation to find your soul name on the highest level of your multidimensional awareness. You will love it because it is such a high frequency experience, to discover the vibration of your real name, to remember who you really are. The name is more then just a name, it is your unique vibration existing of geometric divine fractals, the purest form before source itself. This meditation is made specially by Alloya and Eduard Franckena (Energy DJ) to let you connect to your highest part of your self and find your true name which is made out of pure vibrations. The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques, bio energetic waves, orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy, nature sounds and brainwaves. Source: Chintamania

Starship Meditation

Guided meditation onboard a starship to meet your multi dimensional guides assisting you in your personal development. Download starcodes given to you and upgrade your dna and reality. The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques and orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise and brainwaves. This meditation will aid in raising your awareness in today’s present stellar activation ascension cycle. Source: Chintamania

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