Questions and Answers about DNA Activation

What makes your healing sessions and DNA activations different from other healing techniques?
One of the main differences is that we work directly with your Higher Self and your Subconscious Mind. We connect to your Higher Self which is your identity that resides in dimensions 4-15. This part of your identity knows exactly which are the highest priorities for your evolution and holds the absolute unconditional love for you. Your Higher Self and your Subconscious Mind will guide the clearing or the activation to facilitate the transmutation of blockages and fragmentations throughout your bodies and DNA template. And it is your Higher Self that actually conducts the DNA Activation itself and how many DNA strands you can activate at this point of your evolution.

These sessions provide lifelong results. In the clearing sessions, we make sure that all questions are cleared in all 15 levels of your consciousness and that the issue goes into the void of unmanifested matter, by other words, it literally disappears. When we are doing clearing sessions we make sure to remove the highest priority blockages in all your incarnations, it’s a very deep clearing! Removing neural connections at a quantum level is the key to obtaining permanent results. If you do not remove the neural connections of the brain, the problem can regenerate and the disease can manifest itself once again. By working at the DNA level and removing the problems from all your levels of consciousness and by disconnecting neural networks you can get lifelong results and see how your reality can change.

What kind of energy work do you use?
Since our unconscious and subconscious minds speak in the language of symbols, light, color and sound, I use a quantum energy technology based on these principles.

We are physical beings having an energetic experience. We are of a holographic nature because the universe is holographic in nature. We store thoughts, beliefs and attitudes in our unconscious, subconscious and conscious minds. Beliefs that subjugate your free will or cause suffering are difficult to change only by single intention, hence the need to use other types of tools, such as those we do.

What are the benefits, results, and reported symptoms of DNA activation?

One of the best benefits of DNA Activation is that you will begin to become more aware of your divine purpose here on Earth. There is an indescribable sense of joy when one finds the answer to the question “why am I here and what is my purpose?” This is due to the fact that one of the key benefits and results of DNA activation is the expansion of consciousness and being able to incorporate your Higher Self. Most people have no idea what their purpose in the Soul is because they have blocks in the DNA.

Your Higher Self has all the knowledge and purpose of why you incarnate here and now and what you came here to do. DNA activation also activates dormant brain functions for the highest energy potential and original divine function, especially the pineal gland, pituitary gland, medulla oblongata and hypothalamus.

The typical physical benefits and symptoms of DNA activation include: increased energy and rejuvenation of various organs, tissues, and muscles. On the emotional side, the body will undergo a detoxification of old emotions, repressed and unresolved, releasing those poisons from the body that have caused a great deal of suffering in life. Many of these unresolved and repressed emotions are what actually manifest themselves as physical illnesses, so that the spontaneous healing of some diseases is common. The mental body will also go through a detoxification process in the brain’s neural networks, eliminating dysfunctional attitudes, belief systems and thought forms. This means that you will increase your concentration and focus to accomplish the things you most want. The common temporary symptoms of a successful DNA activation are high temperatures, headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears, tingling in the arms, hands, legs or feet and the desire to sleep more than normal.

How long does it take to notice the effects and symptoms?

You can usually notice the effects and symptoms of DNA activation immediately after the session or any time within 1 to 5 days after the session. That’s why we recommend that sessions be done at least a week apart. The first week you will begin to notice and experience the results, effects and symptoms, although the changes continue to manifest for weeks and even months after each session! With DNA Activation sessions you can expect to integrate all the work for at least a year.

Many people experience a feeling of lightness. We have a multidimensional body of 15 levels, the subtle energies that you will lower from the higher dimensions will take at least a few days to flow down into your consciousness and holographic reality. It is quite common for your physical and emotional bodies to go through a detoxification process, often bringing uncomfortable emotions to the surface to be removed forever.

It is recommended that you keep a diary, to write your experiences, will help you anchor all the changes that are happening in your multidimensional body. Please follow your intuition and synchronicities, it is your Higher Self guiding you.

Will I feel anything during the sessions?
Yes, many people can feel the session as it happens. Each session is unique in itself, activating certain frequencies, transmuting and removing specific blocks. You can feel strong physical sensations, tingling sensations in the places of your chakras, change of body temperature (divine fever), have visions and/or immediate realizations, etc. People are also unique, have different levels of sensitivity and are at different levels of evolution, so they experience sessions and integrations in different ways. As you continue to work with yourself, you will notice more sensitivity to subtle energies.
What is the difference between Kundalini Awakening and DNA Activation?
Activation of DNA = DNA are amino acids and amino acids are transmitters of information in all physical and subtle bodies. Amino acids carry proteins through the physical body, while at the subtle level they transmit light. Light is consciousness. The consciousness I am referring to is kept in their unconscious and subconscious minds, which is referred to as the Higher Self.

Just as you would turn on a light switch in a dark room, a person can turn on the light switch using specific symbols, colors, sound, and light. DNA activation is the process of lighting the light and activating the scalar waves of consciousness.

Kundalini Awakening = vital force or breath of fire. It is held at the root of the concave and travels up and down the chakras. When the chakras are energetically blocked by seals, impressions and auric attachments, it can cause damage to the body for Kundalini to increase. Once the chakras are cleared and DNA is activated, the body responds by sending the life force to travel up and down, as it should naturally do. It is a natural flow. There is no need to force the Kundalini Awakening. It is a natural reaction of the two interrelated functions of the subtle bodies.

Some people assume that you immediately become enlightened by awakening the Kundalini, but it is not an immediate thing. Enlightenment happens every day. It is a form of consciousness.

Think of the body as being a motor. One part affects the other. When you turn on a vehicle with a key, is it one thing that is on? No, there are several parts of the engine that work together to make the vehicle work.

We are currently living in a moment of a Star Activation Cycle, known as the Ascension, and that is why this information about DNA Activation has come about. Even if you do not consciously remember, you have agreed to be a part of the Ascension by activating your own DNA. It is a benevolent agreement and part of our soul’s journey to help Earth rise in frequency.

How do I get my DNA activated?

We are holographic beings experiencing a physical reality, but the physical reality is truly a hologram. A hologram is created by a projection of sound, color, light and symbols. There is no permanence in the holographic reality, our consciousness is always expanding, feeling and creating within this holographic reality.

Your Higher Self talks to you in the form of symbols, especially in your dreams. Dreams show what you believe about you and how it creates your reality. Often, humans do not even know how they feel about something on a conscious level, but dreams come from our subconscious so they can show you how you feel.

Your DNA can be activated because it also responds to sound, color, symbols and light. The sound is generated by the voice in the form of specific commands. Color, light and symbols are generated by the AH Codes, which is a technology that carries the highest frequencies of energy in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the true leader and designer of your life, so sending sounds, colors, symbols and light to your subconscious mind lead to forgotten, stored, and necessary information for your consciousness. It connects all the missing links and pieces in your consciousness, creating a real expansion.

How does DNA activation affect my daily life?

Another exciting thing is that you bring more light to your field, which is exactly what makes DNA activation, increases its frequency. Everything has a certain frequency and, depending on the frequency, you attract people, places, events and things of a similar frequency. With DNA activation you will be able to interpret and perceive many of life’s situations more clearly and with greater focus. Most people have blocks in the 4th strand of DNA, which corresponds to their 4th (cardiac) chakra.

By activating the 4th strand of DNA, you will be able to access deeper states of unconditional self-love. You will be able to see many opportunities that you simply were not aware of before. And because you will progressively incorporate your Higher Self and higher dimensions of consciousness, your manifestation skills will be greatly enhanced. You will be able to manifest using more dimensions of consciousness, contrary to what most humanity has that is 3 to 3.5 levels of consciousness. You will be able to deliver directly your intention to manifest anything directly to your Higher Self and this intention begins to manifest itself in all the higher-dimensional paths. You will begin to have strong intuitions about what you need to do here in the 3rd dimension to manifest the things that you really want. And with DNA activation you will be more aware of your co-creative skills, which include early manifestation skills.

In a nutshell, DNA activation gives you: joy, spiritual ascension, increased frequency, and spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Can DNA Activation Hurt Me?

No, DNA activation cannot harm you. The method awakens the light. The work is designed to activate the sleeping consciousness that can manifest itself as intuition, wisdom, self-awareness, self-mastery, and intelligence. This work is built on the use of symbols, light, color and sound, which is the language of your Higher Self or unconscious and subconscious mind. Light can not harm your body. What harms you is to continue in certain cycles of suffering in your life.

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