Quantum Clearing

Are you stuck in emotional and mental patterns? Do you have traumas, low self-esteem, guilt, anxiety, depressions, limiting beliefs?

Are you aware that you do not want to be like this or even feel like this, but you still seem to be holding on? Sometimes it even seems like you’re not even having these attitudes? Have you tried several self-help books and workshops, but continue on the same cycles?

We are pleased to assist and help you overcome all of your difficulties in your life. Using quantum techniques we are able to connect with your subconscious mind and clear at the molecular level the conscious and unconscious patterns that led you to be in these cycles of suffering. Thus, the person has a higher frequency and reality begins to change, attracting people, places, moments and events that resonate with their frequency. This will probably be the deepest clearing in your entire life!

A person’s health and life experience are based on attitudes, beliefs and emotions, and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relate to others, and shape our lives. Removing the neural connections at a quantum level is the key to obtaining permanent results, if not removed the problem can regenerate itself and the disease may manifest itself again.

Quantum DNA Activation

If you desire a better life which includes a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature, manifestation abilities, extra sensory enhancement, your own understanding of reality and spiritual ascension, then Quantum Activation of DNA is indicated for you.

Quantum DNA activation is only necessary once in a lifetime providing results and benefits throughout your whole life, allowing an incredible transformation from the inside of the whole body to the life of the person!

One of the best benefits of Quantum DNA Activation is that you begin to become more aware of your purpose here on Earth. There is an indescribable sense of joy when one finds the answer to the question “why am I here and what is my purpose?” This is due to the fact that one of the main benefits and results of DNA activation is the expansion of consciousness. Most people have no idea what is their purpose, because of the blockages they have in their DNA.

Science thought that 90% of our DNA was “junk” (protein synthesis), however, it is now emerging in the new science that is not “junk” but is not actually in use. Through this activation, there will be a progressive activation of all your DNA.

Why us?

After countless clearings and activations of the most diverse problems, with sensational testimonies, we trust that we will help you in the best possible way, so you can be reborn from your own ashes and reach your maximum potential. We only will leave you when you overcome all the necessary emotions. We always work with your Subconscious Mind and with your Higher Self so that all work is always done in the best and most beneficial way for you.

I’ve always been curious about this area, these themes, but I’m also quite apprehensive. I have my mood swings, which I think are part of it, but lately, due to events in my life, I was very anxious, sad. But in a way, I could not remember making sense. I’ve been to do the aura clearing for some time, but I was putting it off. The day has come. I no longer remember what I felt, I even think I fell asleep for the end. It was in the following days that I noticed a difference. The difference was so huge that I was even wondering if I was being silly. I have come to consider all the hypotheses of why I have changed. I don’t know, the power of suggestion, intention, these things. It may be, but I do not think so. I can only speak for myself, but the truth is that this happened to me.

Simple Terms of a DNA Activation

Your DNA is the film that projects and makes your reality in your daily life like what job, relationship, health or financial situation you have in your life or being able to do what you feel and wish the most in life. By changing your DNA and upgrading it with a better film or so called pattern you will manifest the desired outcomes into your reality.

Questions and Answers

Q: How long does it take to notice the effects and symptoms from the DNA Activations?

A: Usually you could notice the effects and symptoms of your DNA activation immediately after the session or anywhere from 1 to 5 days after the session. That is why we recommend that the sessions be done at least one week apart.

Connect with your Higher Self and get simple Yes and No answers

The Higher Self is the identity that resides in dimensions 4-15. This is a part of your identity that knows exactly which are the highest priorities for your evolution and holds the absolute unconditional love for you.
Bernardo is a 5 star person. Apart from being an excellent professional, very dear, helpful and patient, always willing to listen to our problems and help us the best, is someone who can have a conversation on any subject, becoming very quickly a great friend. From the experience I had with him at the clearing level, I always felt extremely comfortable doing it, totally comfortable to expose what I needed to expose, and I always felt great peace after doing it. Whenever I speak with Bernardo, it is impossible not to remember my purpose: to do what I truly love without any kind of conditioning. He is a being who emanates a lot of understanding, love and is always ready to open our eyes to what we love in our life, seeing beyond all the fictitious rules that society imposes on us. Thank you for making this great friend and being able to be in touch with a person who raises my frequency only through dialogue!

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