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Spirituality is simply the portion of true, universal science that you do not as yet understand, for Science is truly the Mechanics of Consciousness and its manifestations, and consciousness is the true spiritual essence of the universe, and all life forms contained within it. Spiritual & Scientific pursuit share a common objective: to comprehend the intrinsic order and the mechanics of consciousness and creation, thus Spirituality and Science are directly and inextricably intertwined.

The “greatest falsehood of all” is the intentional, complete omission from the “books of spirituality” of the pre-ancient, advanced scientific teachings of multidimensional physics that are contained within the MCEO CDT-Plates and their original written Maharata Text translations and among other original teachings.

This intentionally contrived, progressively orchestrated omission of historical facts, which has been executed over a period of recent history dating back only to 11,000–10,000 BC, has culminated in the creation of a “species-wide mass illusion,” in which an inorganic division, and seeming competition, between spiritual and scientific realities is perceived

And through this illusion, a “spiritless science” justifies its endeavors without conscience or concern for “spiritual law or consequence” — and a “science-less spirituality” remains castrated from the true knowledge through which its lofty aspirations of an “eternal afterlife and Ascension” can be fulfilled.

The original MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) CDT-Plate (Cloister Dora-Teura Plates) teachings clearly explained the inherent unity of “science and spirituality” and the intimate interrelationship between consciousness, spirit and atomic structure; they detailed the specific structures and processes inherent to the science of multidimensional physics by which the spiritual achievement of “Ascension” occurs.

All beings or things are spiritual beings and is consciousness having an experience in manifestation. No being or thing can be separated from its innate spirituality, only the recognition of its nature.

Because life is substance and expression of the spirit, and the reality of the manifestation creation is nothing more than a dream, that all will eventually awaken…

Source: Chintamania

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