Well, I can say that I have known Bernardo for three years and in the last year I have been more aware of his work and also more interested in it. Over time I was reading about it and talking to Bernardo, until a week ago I felt 100% prepared and did my first quantum clearing. Before starting the session I took all my doubts and in the meantime the time has come. I lay down, closed my eyes and let my body relax, as recommended, I focused on myself and let the music flow through my body. At the beginning of the session I confess that I was a bit nervous, but I was nervous of being so excited that I was, I felt that it was the right moment and the right thing to do. As soon as the music started my heart accelerated, I could no longer distinguish the nervousness from the magnificent amount of energy inside my body, a few minutes later I felt a strange sensation in my throat, as if I were getting sick. The minutes passed until I felt something in my hand, it was as if, within a fraction of a second, they opened my hand and wrapped their fingers in mine. After that, I went through a phase that I knew was not sleeping but I was not awake, I entered a phase of total relaxation, if I can call it this way. Finally, when the fastest 40 minutes of my life were being completed, I felt as if I were coming back from another dimension, as if my body was feeling the end of the session and all that I was abstracted were reconstructing again. The music and session came to an end, this late in the evening, and I was extremely relaxed, sensitive to light, and perhaps a little lost, and everything was still back to normal. After that I just wanted to go to sleep to continue that same feeling of relaxation. The next day I woke up with incredible energy and happiness, as if I were not on this planet. I do not know very well what to say more, being that most of the things can not be explained but rather felt, was a wonderful first experience that exceed my expectations. Thank you, Bernardo, for the dedication, care and love you have for everything. You deserve all the best and the greatest success, only you need to want it!

I’ve always been curious about this area, these themes, but I’m also quite apprehensive. I have my mood swings, which I think are part of it, but lately, due to events in my life I was very anxious, sad. But in a way I could not remember making sense. I’ve been to do the quantum clearing for some time, but I was putting it off. The day has come. I no longer remember what I felt, I even think I fell asleep for the end. It was in the following days that I noticed a difference. The difference was so huge that I was even wondering if I was being silly. I have come to consider all the hypotheses of why I have changed. I don’t know, the power of suggestion, intention, these things. It may be, but I do not think so. I can only speak for myself, but the truth is that this happened to me.

Bernardo is a 5 star person. Apart from being an excellent professional, very dear, helpful and patient, always willing to listen to our problems and help us the best, is someone who can have a conversation on any subject, becoming very quickly a great friend. From the experience I had with him at the clearing level, I always felt extremely comfortable doing it, totally comfortable to expose what I needed to expose, and I always felt great peace after doing it. Whenever I speak with Bernardo, it is impossible not to remember my purpose: to do what I truly love without any kind of conditioning. He is a being who emanates a lot of understanding, love and is always ready to open our eyes to what we love in our life, seeing beyond all the fictitious rules that society imposes on us. Thank you for making this great friend and being able to be in touch with a person who raises my frequency only through dialogue!

I’ve known him for a long time and I follow his work and I was fortunate enough to see him evolve and at the same time with his help evolve myself. About two weeks ago I did a quantum clearing and I can say that a lot has changed in my life, over these two weeks I felt myself another person, many of the fears disappeared that I had, many negative thoughts gone away, now I can feel really happy and feel free and protected from any evil. Do not be afraid to accept freedom, happiness and above all accept who you are. I’m sure he will help you and understand you very well. Feeling afraid and derived from it is not natural, when you realize that you may not feel it you will understand how fantastic it is to live life without fear.

On the 10th of July I did my first quantum clearing. The process took place at the beginning of the night. Before I started, he explained the procedure over the phone carefully. After that, I got a comfortable position, put some phones with the music given by Bernardo and started my therapy. I confess that in the first few minutes I was restless, I could not be in a single position, but then I started to relax and let myself be carried by the sound. The goal was to allow the music to spread everywhere. One of the earliest sensations I remembered was an oddity in my throat. Looked like something stuck or pressed. I can not explain in other words. Then, at a certain point, my index finger and the middle finger, belonging to the left hand, began to flicker on autopilot, like a spasm. I also remember that several faces appeared to me, but I do not remember who they were. There was also a moment that my belly hurt. When the session ended I could not or did not feel like talking. It took me 10 minutes to trigger my mechanism with our reality. I would like to tell you more, but this was my first experience with Bernardo, and we do not always know how to detail everything when we experience new situations. It was as if I were in a light sleep and, at the same time, I could not access all its content on my own. Bernardo is extremely attentive and calm. He is careful and let us know the process so that everything is very natural and without fear. Grateful for the experience and the care, I wish Bernardo a lot of success and evolution!

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