What is a Karma Clearing?

This clearing is now part of the Quantum Clearing, click here to learn more.

The energetic understanding of karma offers a new perspective on this ancient principle of cause and effect. We incur karma when our free will choices do not align with the divine will. Divine will is not always logical and while there are guiding principles, you won’t find a formula for it in any book. It is a far deeper understanding that you can only discover through communication with your higher self, but its foundation always rests on unconditional love. Not only do we have our personal karma from all of our incarnations that are occurring simultaneously, but we inherit the karma of our parents and ancestors through our DNA. There is also the collective karma of nations and the karma we inherit from the earth.

Karmic imprints are twisted energy patterns in our morphogenetic field that affect our overall frequency, create the shadow self, and affect our DNA. It is the frequency that determines the people, places, times, things, and events that are attracted in your life. Karmic imprints are always about “issues” such as victimization, self-worth, and poverty consciousness. They are also observed in personas such as the tyrant, the martyr, and the terrorist. While we can clear our karma energetically, it will not be completely realized in one session. Karma runs deep, but once we do clear these twisted patterns our lives flow with greater ease. We balance our inner masculine and feminine which enables us to attract our soul mate. We create a new reality as a different frequency of people, places, times, things, and events will be magnetized to us.

The Karma Clearing session clears past life karmic issues that are keeping you in a “karmic loop”, where the same types of things keep happening to you over and over in life. Karmic imprints manifest themselves in negative feelings such as guilt, jealousy, revenge, unworthiness, victimization, hatred, shame and anger. These imprints are usually in the form of personas that hijack the individual when triggered. Karmic issues also frequently group together and form Karmic Complexes.

Karmic Imprint Personas that Require Clearing:

  • Absolute Perfectionist (self-improvement junkies, forever dissatisfied)
  • Ultimate Innocent (deep-seated repressed hurt or wounding)
  • Professional Victim (poor me)
  • Terrorist (feel continuously embattled or threatened)
  • Perennial Martyr (co-dependency, need to heal or fix self and others)
  • Emotional Cannibal (incessant craving for love, acceptance, approval)
  • Compulsive Destroyer (addiction, compulsiveness, lack self-esteem)
  • Obsessive Projectionist (feel empty, obsessive, unmotivated)
  • Sorcerer (belittling of self and others, self-sabotage)
  • Tyrant (feel stagnant, fear, loneliness, self-misery)
  • Sybarite (big time pleasure seeker, lustful, addictions)
  • Warden (lack motivation, judgmental, self-righteousness)

Karmic Complexes that Require Clearing:

  • Failure – Guilt – Wrath
  • Female – Image Complex and Male – Image Complex
  • Male – Female Rift
  • Fear – Aggression – Sadness
  • Love-Hate Relationships
  • Codependency
  • Victim – Persecutor – Rescuer
  • Father-God Archetype
  • Mother-God Archetype
  • Karma inherent from parents

In your Karma Clearing session, we will clear these personas and complexes, the emotional baggage associated with them, and cut all karmic cords which no longer serve you. At the end of the session, working with your higher self, we will upgrade you to a much higher frequency, allowing you to resonate with and then naturally attract more desirable experiences.

All the sessions are energetic in nature and do not require physical or verbal contact during scheduled hours. However, we prefer personal contact with you, you will be more aware of the process, so all sessions are done through Skype (voice call). Before the session will be made some questions through the email so that when the time comes for the session we can go straight to the most important points. After a week of the session, we will make a call to see how you are, what has changed and what are the next steps to take.

All procedures are totally safe because they are done in the best way and aligned with your subconscious mind and your Higher Self. All that is required of you is that you enter into a comfortable state of relaxation with the intention of allowing the work to be done in the most beneficial way for you. We will enter into our unique “Quantum State” and connect to your Higher Self and your subconscious mind and perform the clearings. No matter where you live, even if you are half-way across the world, since we will be connected via what quantum physicists call the unified field.

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